Web Marketing Secrets [E-Book and pdf]

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Logo Vision in Motion


Some web marketing secrets to help you in your project, an e-commerce website, a FB campaign or both:

1) before you begin any campaign, list your site in the common directories such DMOZ, Yahoo!, Bing and Google

2) generate traffic to your marketing pages in different ways: use landing pages, squeeze pages, affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, mailing campaigns and Social Networks

3) choose a specific product, service or niche, and a specific target for best results

4) use testimonials to sell your product or service, they will attract many customers

5) create and provide an interesting offer for customers, like, for example, a free trial period or a free evaluation copy of a program

6) you can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or a money back guarantee for products or services. This one can develop trust in your brand/company


You can take a look, try or purchase documentation from the links listed below: